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17 May 1978
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initially i was going to take a johnny cash song and rework it into a rambling and rollicking bio for myself, but i don't want to be ridin' on no black coattails.

so you're stuck with this. in case you didn't figure it out, it isn't much. but you'd only be here if you knew me already. at least, i hope so. that'd be weird if people were reading this and didn't know me. i know you're thinking "hello fuckhead, it's on the INTERNET, everyone will have seen it eventually!" but that's not what i meant by weird. weird as in i'd think "wow, somebody would actually read this?" kind of another version of that old "funny strange or funny ha-ha?" argument. well, okay, maybe it isn't, but i was grasping for something else to say. i can be a little self-conscious. when i say that, i mean i can be a lot self-conscious all the time, but i'm only going to let you see it a little bit. so i'm glad we've worked that out. however, i'm still left with this thing, saying nothing.


hunh. actually, a bit of mindless self-conscious rambling probably gives you a better insight into who i am than anything i could actually say, so i guess this does work. lady luck is giving me a lap dance. if i only had $5 to keep her around.

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