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Coming to (new mix)

I hadn’t done a mix in a long while, and after that awful Red Wings loss Saturday, I needed to turn up some loud music and feel a lit­tle bet­ter. I ended up throw­ing a mix together that’s a lit­tle springly. Saturday was a warm, sunny spring day; Sunday was a cooler, rainy spring day. It’s a lit­tle sloppy at the begin­ning, but there are some inspired moments throughout.

Young America Primitive “These Waves“

God Within “Raincry” Submerged

The Future Sound of London “Papua New Guinea” Journey to Pyramid

Chicane “Offshore“

Lush “Stray” Groove Mix

Dance 2 Trance “Hello San Francisco“

Utah Saints “Trance Atlantic Flight“

Spooky “Little Bullet (part one)“

Jam & Spoon “Stella” The Lost Bet Mix

Orbital “Lush 3 – 4 Warrior Drift“

Feedback “I’m for Real (1)“

The Shamen “Rausch”

Yeah, it’s pro­gres­sive house and trance. Disturbing from me, isn’t it? I mean, holy crap, it’s fuck­ing “Offshore”. Well, y’know, it’s a decent tune and mixes so well into that Lush remix…yeah, a Lush remix by the Drum Club. Stick around for the end: the Feedback track is LFO in dis­guise, and the Shamen track is from their out-​​there album, Hempton Manor, and is pretty ban­gin’. So, yeah, fuck­ing trance music was good back in the early ‘90s.

Download these beats

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